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​How Do I Get My Order Started?​

Please Text 847-445-5956 with Team Name and Ideas. A Rep will be in contact to collect your logos and customization preferences as quickly as possible.


What are the Logo Requirements?

Full Color Logo
Logos be sent with a clear background, not white or any solid color. Artwork saved with a clear background will appear as white in an email or in word, however they need to be saved correctly as one of the following file types with a clear background so we can easily overlay the logo on top of any color. Logos pulled from websites will fuzzy or blurry on a Uniform, Cosmetic Bag, Practice Wear, or Banner.

File Types
Save as the actual image size @ 300dpi (dpi = dots per square inch). Most clothing is 8”-12” wide. .JPG and .BMP is typically no good because the background is not clear.

Background Artwork
Recommended. Most teams will want to match current background artwork of their website or practice wear, please provide this as a separate file as requested above.

No Artwork
We can provide in-house graphic artwork once a deposit is paid towards the balance of your order. We do not create Custom Art unless you are a committed customer.


What are your Payment Options?

All orders require payment in full before order can be started. Uniform orders over 50 qty will require 50% deposit and Final Payment prior to ship.


Returns & Refunds

Returns or Refunds are not possible on custom orders. All artwork is approved in advance. Orders are checked by 3 separate departments throughout production. Obvious sewing or artwork errors are replaced asap.

Common Industry Relation Issues

The following items should be kept in mind when ordering Uniforms.

  1. Uniforms are hand made each piece cut and sewn. Size and fit can vary slightly. Athletes tend to gain weight over summer so please keep in mind when sizing.

  2. Rhinestones do fall off, specially on arms of Bases. Rhinestones are glued on but as fabric is stretched and pulled they can fall off. We do not replace rhinestones.

  3. The later you order Uniforms, the later you will receive them. It is best to beat the fall rush by getting your order started in June and July. August and September orders can lag due to the mass amount of orders coming in during those months. 



Thank you for choosing Allstar Couture for your Custom Orders!
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